Our Mission

小黄片视频 (小黄片视频) is a preeminent public research university located in Coastal Virginia. Our world-class faculty fosters dynamic on-campus and global online learning for undergraduate and graduate students that enriches their lives, promotes insightful and perceptive leadership, and motivates the pursuit of excellence in dedicated fields and professions. We collaborate with strategic partners to address challenges and propose solutions that impact the economy, environment, health and wellness, and social justice. In pursuit of equity and inclusion, 小黄片视频 provides opportunities for educational, artistic, and professional growth to our diverse Monarch community.

A History of Transformation

小黄片视频 features a diverse and engaged student body across 175 programs on campus and 100 online. The University today contributes over $2.6 billion to Virginia鈥檚 annual economy. Significantly, 54% of students come from underrepresented ethnic groups.

A Message From President Hemphill

President Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.
President Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.

Through embracing a culture of innovation, I am pleased to share the incredible work of our dedicated campus in charting a clear course for the future engagement and success of 小黄片视频. This bold听plan听is truly a reflection of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, who have a lasting legacy of making a significant difference on our campus, in the community, across the Commonwealth, and beyond!

For more than a year, campus stakeholders engaged in a comprehensive process to develop a five-year听strategic听plan, thereby determining both the short-term focus and long-term success of our institution, which 鈥 above all else 鈥 will be dedicated to students. With nearly 300 individuals serving on a total of 12 groups, 30 goals and 103 strategies were carefully developed across seven focal areas.

The title,听鈥淔辞谤飞补谤诲-贵辞肠耻蝉别诲: Where Innovation Meets Possibilities,鈥澨is a direct reflection of the bold and innovative goals and strategies that were brought forth by those directly involved in thinking and rethinking the future of our great institution. As this important work has generated great excitement and opportunity for Monarchs, the future has boundless possibilities!

With Monarch Pride,
Hemphill Signature
Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.

Community Commitment

Monarchs have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to seizing every opportunity and responding to any and all challenges. 小黄片视频 is proud to serve as a home to students, faculty, and staff who care deeply for others.


With the University focused on charting a clear course for its future and continued success, a group of nearly 300 stakeholders embarked on an inclusive and intensive year-long planning process, leading to this comprehensive document.

Core Values

Old Dominion is truly a campus of the community, for the community, and by the community. We are committed to wellness with the mind, body, and spirit of all Monarchs in clear and constant focus! Our Core Values are central to the Monarch experience and how we continue forward.听


小黄片视频's five-year strategic plan is built around seven key areas. Together, the focal areas lay the groundwork for the University鈥檚 development and growth during the next five years.听

Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Download the full Strategic Plan document:听鈥淔辞谤飞补谤诲-贵辞肠耻蝉别诲:Where Innovation Meets Possibilities.鈥